Nothing pleases us more than pleasing our design & printing clients like you. Apparently, that sits pretty well with them, too. But don't just take our word for it. Here are a few kind words our clients had to say about the Graphic Design & PrintCenter here in Bentonville. Real clients. Real people. Real testimonials.  No Fluff.  It's experiences like these - and the chance to work with such wonderful people - that make us look forward to coming to work each day.

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Jason C.
Account Manager

"I really appreciate your team working with us on this (over the weekend, 4,200 piece store printing) project. Everything looked great!!

A division of Hormel Foods Corporation, Jennie-O is a recognized leader in turkey, who believes that eating well shouldn’t come at the cost of taste. Since 1940, we’ve been in the business of delivering on that mantra. From deli meats to whole turkeys to ground turkey and sausages, we offer more than 1,500 products and recipes that make it easy to eat well.


Cece P.
General Mills
Integrated Shopper Marketing - Walmart

"Bentonville PrintCenter has always been very responsive, quick to serve and won’t think twice about bending over backwards to make our print jobs exactly how we want them. Thank you for all your work! You’ve saved us so many times!"

Located in Minneapolis, Minn., USA, with a Rogers office in NW Arkansas supporting Walmart Stores and SAM's Club Home Office; they are among the world's largest food companies. Today alone, General Mills will provide: 60 million servings of ready-to-eat cereal; 27 million servings of Yoplait dairy products; 14 million Nature Valley bars; 5 million Pillsbury cookies; 2 million Wanchai Ferry dumplings; 2 million pounds of Green Giant vegetables and 1 million servings of Häagen-Dazs ice cream.


Dani Y.
Hearing Lab Technologies
Director of Business Development

"Dennis and his team at the PrintCenter are simply amazing. I have used printing centers all over the country for projects and by far the team at Bentonville PostNet is the absolute best. Not only do we now use them for our local projects but for printing and shipping all over the country. They are fast and efficient. Thank you for continuing to exceed our expectations."

Hearing Lab Technology supports SAM's Club members in 427 clubs with in-club hearing tests, diagnosis, sales and support of Liberty Hearing Aids through Sam's Club Hearing Aid Centers. Liberty is HLT’s premier brand, delivering cutting edge hearing aid technology. With over 427 locations & growing nationwide, Sam's Club Hearing Aid centers are the premier Hearing Aid Solution Center for SAM's Club members and their families.


Tom N.
Snyder's Lance
Director of Sales / National Accounts

"Holy cow……that (completed print job) was quick!! I will make a point and stop by and pick them on Monday morning."

With supplier support offices in Bentonville to serve Walmart and SAM's Club, Snyder's Lance produces iconic brands that satisfy snackers across the globe. With one of the largest distribution networks in the business and an advanced research & development team, Snyder's Lance well positioned for the future, who pride themselves on making quality snacks for any occasion. Whether you’re looking to try something new or your old favorites, their snacks are perfect for your pantry, your lunchbox and everything in between.


Kurt L.
Kraft Foods
Customer Business Lead - Sam's Club Team

"You and your team are amazing! I wanted to thank you for your help on our recent project. Not only did your team save us with your lightning fast speed, but your entire team helped us with outstanding professionalism and courtesy. I love it that your team approaches a project with the attitude of how they can make this happen for the customer on the customer’s time line – not just when it fits into your schedule. That attitude combined with outstanding quality, makes the NW Arkansas PrintCenter an indispensable partner."

Kraft Foods Group is one of the largest food and beverage companies in North America, with a deep portfolio of beloved food & beverage brands in the beverage, cheese, refrigerated meals and grocery categories. Kraft Foods Group has a Rogers office in NW Arkansas supporting the Walmart Stores and SAM's Club Home Office.


Molly C.
Domino Foods and C&H Sugar
National Account Manager

"You guys at the Bentonville PrintCenter are awesome! After I got over my initial hump of doing online print ordering on your site, I love it! It's so easy and you make it great for us regular people to order the night before and pickup our printing at 7am before our Walmart Meeting just 5 blocks away!"

Domino Foods, Inc. sells the nation’s best sugar brands. Domino Foods, Inc. is part of ASR Group, the world’s largest refiner of cane sugar. Our brands are C&H Sugar, Florida Crystals and Domino Food Service. We are proud to be a supplier to Walmart and SAM's Club for decades.


Charles S.
National Sales Manager

"Wow, you guys are SIGNIFICANTLY CHEAPER than what we pay for printing down in Dallas as FedEx Office. And you have great (Xerox) quality! Thanks!"

Intuit is the developer of popular business and consumer financial software like QuickBooks, QuickBooksOnline and TurboTax. They are a vendor to both Walmart Stores and SAM's Club.


Bo J.
Customer Business Mgr. Walmart Team

"Dennis, We have used your services (at the Bentonville PrintCenter) for many years and your Team comes through every time! Thanks for all you do to help with our needs."

Every flavor discovery, innovation and surprise they create is developed to answer the question: “Will this make food manufacturing companies, world-class restaurant chefs and kids who can’t wait for dinner sit up and say ‘Wow’?” The people at McCormick make every effort to find the perfect flavor for the best graduation dinner, marriage proposal appetizer or backyard family BBQ anyone’s ever had. Their heritage and culture see to it. McCormick has a Rogers office in NW Arkansas supporting Walmart and SAM's Club Home Office.


Julie F.
Lifetime Brands
Sr. Vice President

"Bentonville Vendor PrintCenter is an extension of our team, their work is professional and always completed on-time. They go above and beyond to ensure their work is as expected and have even delivered and help set-up our projects on site. They make the execution of our presentations easy."

Lifetime Brands is a publicly traded company with HQ on Long Island, NY and a Bentonville office in NW Arkasnas supporting Walmart Stores and SAM's Club Home Office. They are North America’s leading resource for nationally branded kitchenware, tableware, home decor and lifestyle products. Their products make it easier for you to prepare food, serve meals, entertain guests, and decorate your home. They offer brands you trust, value without compromise and an unwavering commitment to innovation.


Denise R.

"Very prompt, professional, courteous service. The finished product is also top-notch."

Nestlé is the world's leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company. Their mission of "Good Food, Good Life" is to provide consumers with the best tasting, most nutritious choices in a wide range of food and beverage categories and eating occasions, from morning to night. Nestlé has an office in Bentonville and supports the Walmart and SAM’s Club Home office here in Bentonville, Arkansas.


Louise B.
South Coast Baking
Client Support

"Bentonville Vendor PrintCenter is always my go to place for specialty printing projects. They are fast, courteous and reasonably priced. They have been taking care of my need for over 5 years. I wouldn’t dream of going anyplace else."

From co-manufactured, custom formula cookies developed for the leading baking operations in the US, to innovative panning systems that deliver 70% in labor savings, South Coast Baking sets the standard for delivering the highest quality and lowest possible cost in the frozen cookie dough industry. South Coast baking has been a valued partner/supplier to Walmart & SAM's Club in Bentonville, Arkansas for many years.


John B.
Hybrid Apparel
National Account Manager

"You guys BLEW US AWAY. We had been using your competitor down on Walton Blvd. for years, but when they couldn't perform, we called you. WOW. We had no idea what we were missing in working with your (printing team.) We'll definitely be back!"

Hybrid is a complete and vertical operation; designing, merchandising, developing, sourcing, producing and distributing branded, licensed, generic and private label apparel to all tiers of distribution, including to Walmart Stores and SAM's Club in Bentonville.


Sam S.
Bike NWA
Director of Communications

"Y'all are fantastic. Thank you!"

BikeNWA is the Bike Alliance of Northwest Arkansas. Founded in 1999 as the Bicycle Coalition of the Ozarks, BikeNWA has been working for nearly two decades to make Northwest Arkansas a more bike-friendly region. Our mission is to transform Northwest Arkansas into a fun and welcoming place to ride bicycles for both recreation and transportation by creating a vibrant cycling community and a safe & connected network of on-road and off-road bicycling infrastructure.


Emily N.
Kendal King Group
Account Executive

Dennis/Joan – THANK YOU!!!! You guys are awesome!

The Kendal King Group, with offices in Bentonville on 8th Street right across the street from Walmart's Home Office, has thirty years of retail marketing expertise born out of design and merchandising excellence. They specialize in PDQ Displays, permanent fixtures, signage kits, prototyping, multi-vendor programs, kitting, packaging, Associate and VPI kits, multipaks, promotions, China Connect at www.ClubPallets.com.


Toni P.
CUSH Cosmetics

"We used (FedEx) Kinkos across the street in Bentonville but we're SO GLAD we came to you guys! I couldn't even get logged onto my email over there and they were not helpful! You guys are fantastic...I *DEMAND* you come to Memphis and open a PrintCenter shop there!"

CUSH Cosmetics is an aspiring vendor to Walmart Stores. CUSH is a natural hair care company that specializes in healthy hair care products and anti aging skin care. We have deep conditioners, curl definers, hair oils, and many more items. We masterfully bring together pure natural raw ingredients...and toss in a lot of science, to create amazing sustainable personal care. Spa and salon quality, high performing personal care that doesn't harm you or the planet!


Michelle H.
Hedberg Allergy & Asthma
Partner & Office Manager

"Wow! You Are Awesome! Y'all really are awesome. I brag on y'all all of the time. As a matter of fact I just passed your contact to a lady that works for a Fayetteville attorney in Real Estate."

The NW Arkansas Hedberg Allergy & Asthma Center has four Physicians in two locations for the diagnosis and treatment of asthma, allergic rhinitis and other diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract, drug and insect hypersensitivity, latex allergy, hives, allergic skin disease, recurrent infections, and congenital immunologic deficiencies. All age groups are treated with compassion and the most up to date techniques and therapies available.


Caroline B.
WORX Professional Tools
National Marketing Manager

"Thank You! I appreciate your guys help! The (mockup) boxes you made look great and we'll be doing a LOT more business with you!"

WORX is a SAM's Club vendor who designs and makes a line of lawn and garden and power tool equipment that is owned and distributed by the Positec Tool Corporation, with North American headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. The brand is known primarily for its lawn and garden tools like trimmers, lawn mowers, and chainsaws. In 2011, Positec was honored with the Product of the Year award by DIY Week in the garden tools category for the WORX TriVac leaf blower/vacuum and the Eco cordless lawn mower.


Carl R.
Ariela-Alpha International
Graphic Director

"Dennis, Thank you so much for that rapid turn around (on our print job.) Really appreciate the help! Wow!"

AAI is one of the largest privately held lingerie companies in the country, selling over 60 million garments a year under numerous national brands, many through Walmart Stores. Smart & Sexy is our first in house brand created for the fashion savvy woman. Smart fit, sexy flattering looks, quality, comfort and amazing value are the brand’s guiding principles.


Brandi H.
Illoom Balloon/Seatriever

"I wanted to just take a minute and thank you guys for all that you do for me. I have been coming to you for over 10 years for jobs and you have never let me down! And I know all of those requests haven't been easy - last minute, quirky ideas, and in a panic about sums it up! But your team has lived up to the challenge like the pros that they are! Your business is like an extension of ours and I want to make sure that doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated.
Here's to another 10!"

Illoom is owned by Seatriever and has a Bentonville office in NW Arkanas supporting the Walmart Stores and SAM's Club Home Office. Innovative products are at the core of our business. Seatriever International Ltd brings unique products, with mass market appeal through development and delivers these to retailers and distributors across the World, with the efficiency and enthusiasm of a young entrepreneurial company.


Kacey C.
E.L. Achieve
Executive Assistant

"Hi, Dennis, Thank you so much for taking care of us with such pleasure, even with our tight deadline. It is a rarity that we run across someone as nice and easy to work with as yourself and your (Bentonville PrintCenter) team. Cheers to you!

I’ll pass this information on to (our CEO) and (our CFO) so they may contact you should they need anything during their trip to Arkansas.

Please let (me) know should you have any questions or need anything.

It was a pleasure to work with you!"

E.L. Achieve found us on Google from California and decided to hire us instead of FedEx Office Kinkos to print their very time sensitive 150 training manuals for two important client sessions here in NW Arkansas. We printed & bound the manuals overnight in a 12 hour turnaround by 10am the next day. We even hand delivered them to two client locations the same day (something FedEx will not do). E.L. Achieve is a nationwide Educator training firm based on So. California who has a mission to assist educators in equipping English learners for academic achievement. Because the work of increasing English learner success must be collective and sustained, E.L. Achieve takes a system-wide approach and focuses on long-term collaborative planning and implementation.


Lisa Ann E.
National Account Manager

"Your (VendorPrinting) team in Bentonville is best Dennis! Thanks so much!

Thanks, Lisa Ann"

Playmobil is a vendor supplier to Walmart Stores, with their 2 in. tall PLAYMOBIL figure as the cornerstone of their creative toy system and is an internationally award-winning product. The imaginative role play opportunities, integrated with a variety of historical and modern play themes is fascinating to children and highly valued by parents and educational practitioners alike. Since its launch in 1974, over 2.9 billion PLAYMOBIL® figures have been produced.


Rosa A.
Capelli New York
Sales Executive

"Thank you Bentonville PrintCenter for being so dependable!!! You have been a great asset when it comes to crunch time with Walmart projects and urgent request. From printing art and delivering the same day, to rushing urgent packages and distributing at Walmart as well as picking up packages and shipping back to us. Not having an office in Bentonville is challenging, but with your help we have been able to make almost impossible deadlines. The Staff in the Bentonville office is Amazing! Thank you for the excellent service!"

Established in 1990, Capelli New York designs, manufactures and markets on-trend private label and branded products for Women, Teens, Tween and Kids. Capelli New York supports the Walmart Stores and SAM’s Club Home Office located in NW Arkansas.


Rich C.
Lifetime Brands

"We have used Bentonville PrintCenter for several years now for many different types of projects and the quality work that we receive and the timeliness always exceed our expectations. The staff at Bentonville PrintCenter not only set a high standard for excellence and professionalism, they continue to meet and exceed it with every project that they complete for us."

Lifetime Brands is North America’s leading resource for nationally branded kitchenware, tableware, home decor and lifestyle products. Their products make it easier for you to prepare food, serve meals, entertain guests, and decorate your home. They offer brands you trust, value without compromise and an unwavering commitment to innovation. Lifetime Brands has a Bentonville office in NW Arkansas supporting Walmart Stores and SAM's Club Home Office.


Ruthanne V.
Rockfish Digital
Front Desk Coordinator

"Since Rockfish began, Bentonville PrintCenter has been our go to for our printing needs! Since I started with our company seven years ago, we have grown from nine employees in one office to 250 employees in seven offices located in six different states. In that time Bentonville PrintCenter has been able to grow with us every step of the way. Happy ten-year anniversary to you Dennis and all your team at Bentonville PrintCenter! You are the best!"

Rockfish is a full-service digital innovation partner that drives business for some of the world’s largest brands. They build groundbreaking digital solutions through expert integration of strategy, creative and technology. Rockfish's home office is located in Rogers, Arkansas.


Todd M.
Pulmuone Foods USA
Director of Sales

"Dennis, For over 5 years I have been able to count on Bentonville PrintCenter to provide me with all of my printing and shipping needs. Dennis and his team are always accommodating and have been able to take care of several last minute printing needs for Walmart/Sam’s Club presentations over the years. When I have come in with a file that needs turned into a label or presentation within an hour or two they have always been able to get the job done with great quality and great service.

Thank you and I look forward to our continued business partnership."

Pulmuone Foods USA, Inc. Is committed to providing authentic, wholesome foods featuring the highest quality, all-natural ingredients. We are a leader in refrigerated all-natural food products. Pulmuone has a Bentonville office in NW Arkansas supporting the Walmart Stores and SAM’s Club Home Office.


Ed L.
Sensio Inc.

"Dennis and Team, You guys are "freaky fast and freaky good"....everything is done incredibly fast, so one less thing to worry about when getting ready to have buyer meetings....completely exceeds expectations. Thanks!"

Founded in 2003, SENSIO Inc. has become recognized as a dynamic force in the small kitchen appliance market contributing innovative and cost effective solutions through design, manufacturing, marketing and distribution.SENSIO, Inc. has a Bentonville office in NW Arkansas supporting the Walmart Stores and SAM’s Club Home Office.


Barry N.
Meredith Corporation
National Account Manager

NW Arkansas PrintCenter did a GREAT job for Meredith Corporation. We had a really short deadline and they jot the job done and it looks great!!"

We printed Barry's project in just a 2 hours...and he made it to his Walmart presentation meeting in Bentonville with time to spare! For over 100 years, Meredith brands have been committed to providing women with information and inspiration to create a rich and meaningful life. By focusing on the core passions of family, home and self, Meredit continues to play a vital role in the lives of 100 million* women.


Melissa D.
Tzeng Shyng Group

"I have been a customer for close to 7 years. In that time my job and company have changed, but my PrintCenter has not.

For years I have relied on Bentonville PrintCenter for my printing and shipping needs. I have never been disappointed. The staff is always helpful and is quick to advise me of my needs even when I’m not sure what they may be. I continue to recommend Bentonville PrintCenter as the best source for printing needs in Northwest Arkansas. Thanks!"

T.S. Group – also known as Tzeng Shyng Industries Corp. was established in 1981. With over 30 years of experience in producing acrylic drinkware, they stand as a manufacturer leader and spearhead to introduce biodegradable drinkware and biodegradable bamboo fiber tableware since 2008. The T.S. Group has a Bentonville office in NW Arkansas supporting the Walmart Stores and SAM’s Club Home Office.


Bob D.
Blue Ocean Innovative Solutions

"Thank you for the support your team provides us. They are always professional and can always be counted upon to help us when we have short deadlines. Your focus on supporting vendors in the community is unparalleled."

The team at Blue Ocean has over a century of combined retail experience. Their clients have access to the most effective marketing & merchandising strategies in the industry. They've forged strong relationships with manufacturers around the world and make them available to you. Blue Ocean Innovative Solutions has a Bentonville office in NW Arkansas supporting the Walmart Stores and SAM’s Club Home Office.


Joseph F.
E&J Gallo Winery
National Director

"Dennis and his team have been a tremendous asset for our business. I have been working with Dennis for over 9 years and he has always found a way to get the job done in a fast, professional and quality work. We have given Dennis and his team some very challenging projects and short timelines, he has never said it can’t be done he always found a way to get it done. He (and his team) are truly amazing. I enjoy working with them."

E. & J. Gallo Winery is the largest winery in the world today. With an NW Arkansas office in Rogers supporting the Walmart Stores and SAM’s Club Home Office, Family-owned, with fourteen family members, spanning three generations of the Gallo family, actively working in the business. E. & J. Gallo Winery offers a broad array of products that total 60 brands and include table and sparkling wines, beverage products, dessert wines and distilled spirits.


Jennifer P.
EB Brands

"Dennis, My company usually ends up needing large presentation boards, mockup boxes, and presentations printed & bound at the very last minute. The ease and convenience of your website and the reliable performance, quality and speed of the output is something I know I can count on, and as a Walmart vendor, fast and highest-quality response is incredibly important to our business. We’ve tried other competitors and there’s no comparison—for consistent, excellent, on-time service and product there’s no question we’re going to NW Arkansas PrintCenter!
Thanks so much!"

EB Brands, headquartered in Elmsford NY, are a leading designer and marketer of high-margin, high-impulse, niche accessories designed for the fitness, gift, and travel markets. EB Brands has an office in Northwest Arkansas serving the Walmart Stores and SAM's Club Home Office.


Braden Randall
Man in the Mirror
NW Arkansas Director

"I am a local missionary in Northwest Arkansas (based in Bentonville). Every year we do an end of year giving (direct mail) campaign which is responsible for nearly 40% of our annual funding. As I went to mail my newsletter I realized I had overlooked a terrible spelling error I had made. I immediately went to PostNet Bentonville and asked for their help in reprinting my newsletter that I had originally printed at my home office. They immediately jumped in and helped me not only print and fold my corrected letters, but they also helped me reformat it's layout to maximize it's impact.

I went next door to the Starbucks to wait for them to complete the printing and folding. About 25 minutes later I went to get a drink and when I came back to my table at Starbucks, there were my printed and folded newsletters hand delivered from PostNet in a box ready for me to mail out.

I have had many positive experiences like this with PostNet. They have always been extremely professional and very considerate of my time restraints when it comes to projects I needed their help with. They are a true blessing to me and the community."

The mission of our Man in the Mirror staff is to increase the competence and results of leaders who, while passionate about the battle for men’s souls, also realize they must be equally committed to implementing a systematic approach to disciple men.


Debbie V.
SES Compliance

"Thank you, Dennis (and team)! (Your Client Support) is why you will keep all of our business. We have never had it so good.

Thanks again, Debbie"

Special Education Solutions, with offices in Rogers in NW Arkansas, is proud to assist school districts in managing state and federal compliance requirements. We offer special education and equity compliance software, resources and consulting services. Our main focus is to provide solutions to reduce the amount of time spent on regulatory compliance requirements; giving administrators and staff more time to help students. The NWAPrintCenter is grateful to SES Compliance for the thousands of instructional manuals they have allowed us to print, kit and ship to their School District clients throughout Arkansas and the Mid-South.


Kristen Y.


I really appreciate you taking my middle of the night request and turning it around as a priority. You are a dream come true.

Thank you for all of your help and your first class service!

Kind regards, Kristin"

We printed KPMG's large 24" x 36" business charts for Kristin. Her order and files came in at 3:36am. Since she needed OVERNIGHT PRINTING we printed and trimmed within 4 hours for her 7:30am same-day pickup for an 8am Walmart meeting! KPMG is one of the largest professional services companies in the world and one of the Big Four auditing firms. Its global headquarters is located in Amstelveen in The Netherlands, KPMG employs 152,000 people including those located at their Bentonville office in NW Arkansas supporting the Walmart Stores and SAM’s Club Home Office.


Tonda M.
Tristar Products

"Bentonville PrintCenter has been an invaluable part of our growth and Walmart and Sam's. They have become a very important part of our Tristar Sales Team."

Tristar Products, Inc. is the recognized pioneer of taking innovative ideas and turning them into branded world wide distributed products. Dedication to high standards of quality manufacturing makes Tristar Products an internationally respected infomercial market leader. Tristar Products, Inc. supports the sales efforts of the Bentonville, Arkansas based Walmart Stores and SAM’s Club Home Offices.


Vicki J.
Jones Group Inc.

"Hi Dennis, Bentonville PrintCenter has been a very reliable support group for us for many years. We use their printing services, delivery services and shipping services and they have always executed very well and have gone above and beyond to provide us excellent service.

Thanks, Vicki

The Jones Group is a leader in the apparel and footwear industry. The Jones Group has built a reputation for excellence in product quality and value and in operational execution. The Jones Group designs and markets a broad array of products, including sportswear, jeanswear, suits, dresses, menswear, shoes, accessories and costume jewelry. The Jones Group markets its products under nationally recognized brands and supports the Bentonville, Arkansas Walmart Stores and SAM’s Club Home Offices.


Philip W.
Tomas Jewelry
Production Manager

"Dennis, We have given you some extremely short timelines over the past several years and you have somehow managed to come through for us multiple times. You have always given us professional looking product with a great staff to back that up. As we have grown as a company you have grown with us & we look forward to many more years with you!"

Tomas is an international company with a home office in Arcata, California, and a Rogers office in NW Arkansas supporting the Walmart Stores and SAM’s Club Home Office. Recognized as a leader in the industry, they are known not only for their jewelry collections but also for their incomparable service and support. Tomas Jewelry can be found in specialty shops across the nation, as well as Walmart Stores everywhere.


Lee Ann P.
Mastercraft Lamps

"Bentonville PrintCenter is amazing!!!! I can not tell you how many times Bentonville PrintCenter has saved the day for us with everything from, delivery projects (Kirby is Great!) to printing our foam bards and box layouts with wonderful quality!! We depend on Bentonville PrintCenter and could not recommend them enough to New customers in terms of quality professionalism and service!! Thank you Bentonville PrintCenter for all you do!!! "

Mastercraft International, Inc is a supply chain company of portable lighting, lamp shade and furniture set with home decor accessories. Mastercraft specializes in offering custom lighting programs to meet all of our clients needs. With HQ in Arkansas, they support the NW Arkansas area Walmart Stores and SAM’s Club Home Offices.


Patsy W.
National Account Manager

"Dear Dennis: As I told Lacey...you all were fantastic! Very impressive. You were recommended to us by the Wal-Mart Stores Home Office...that speaks for itself!

We will definitely keep you as a contact for future use and we would highly recommend you to anyone else who might need your services.

Thanks again for getting this done on time and for pleasing our buyer with a job well done!

Sincerely, Patsy"

Brainchild is an idea-driven agency designed for companies who are curious about new ways to win. Thier strength is turning daunting complexity into persuasive simplicity. The key to our approach: tightly knit “braintrusts” composed of senior-level strategic, creative, and media talent. We exist to solve problems. Brainchild supports Bentonville, Arkansas Walmart Stores and SAM’s Club Home Offices.


Layne M.
City of Bentonville Parks and Recreation
Recreation Specialist

"The team at NW Arkansas PrintCenter is always very helpful. They definitely take the time with their customers to find the best option for their printing needs at the best price."

Bentonville Parks & Recreation is the choice provider of recreation, leisure and culture. They offer comprehensive and diverse recreation programs for people of all ages, abilities and interests.


Jillian M.
Bubba Brands
Trade Analyst

"Our experience with Bentonville PrintCenter has been nothing but positive! We know we can trust them to deliver on quality, even under very tight timelines - we wouldn't want to work with anyone else for our Bentonville needs!"

Bubba Brands, Inc. is a privately-held company driven by a singular goal – to make drinkware people love; specifically mugs, tumblers, sport bottles, sport jugs and kids bottles. They support the Walmart Stores and SAM’s Club Home Office here in NW Arkansas.


Niki C.
Crystal Bridges
Head of School Programs

"Dennis, Thank you SO much for the beautiful printed artwork on both my print jobs this week - they are STUNNING and I could not be happier!

You always take such good care of us - and it is really appreciated. Please thank your staff, as I know how busy they are."

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is a museum of American art in Bentonville, Arkansas. The museum, founded by Alice Walton and designed by Moshe Safdie, officially opened on 11 November 2011, where over $300 million in original artwork from around the world Is on display. It offers free public admission.


Kelly M.
Phase 4 Films
VP of Sales

"I have been doing business with Bentonville PrintCenter for over 3 years and they are an amazing organization who really make my job SO much easier. They have been helpful, friendly, and they are very experienced. I would highly recommend them for all your graphic, printing and delivery needs."

Phase 4 Films is one of the leading full service independent studios. With offices in nine cities in the U.S. and Canada, they support the Walmart Stores and SAM’s Club Home Office here in Bentonville. Phase 4 Films provides a full range of services relating to the sales, marketing, licensing and distribution of feature films, television and special interest content across all media in the North American market. The Company focuses on four channels: Theatrical, Home Entertainment, Television and VOD & Digital Media.


Parker B.
Tristar Products, Inc.
Creative Director

"The NW Arkansas PrintCenter has been a huge help to me and our sales staff over the last 2 years. They have assisted us with presentations & mock ups for Walmart with super-fast turnaround, email status updates, and terrific customer service. Our Walmart business has really grown with Bentonville PrintCenter's help - couldn't have done it without you!"

Tristar Products, Inc. is the recognized pioneer of taking innovative ideas and turning them into branded world wide distributed products. Dedication to high standards of quality manufacturing makes Tristar Products an internationally respected infomercial market leader. Tristar Products supports the Bentonville, Arkansas based Walmart Stores and SAM’s Club Home Offices.


John R.
Durango Geophysical Operations


From: John R.
Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2014 5:19 PM
To: Mark - PrintCenter at PostNet Bentonville
Subject: Re: 140408 Bound Reports - 1 of 2

No problem using it! They were my exact sediments!

John R.

From: Mark - Bentonville PrintCenter
Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2014 14:41
To: John R.
Subject: RE: 140408 Bound Reports - 1 of 2

Thanks, John. I appreciate the good words.

Can I use your testimonial on our new website? We would really "Dig it." HaHa! Mark

From: John R.
Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2014 3:38 PM
To: Mark - Bentonville PrintCenter
Subject: Re: 140408 Bound Reports - 1 of 2

You Guys Rock....and I'm a Geologist and I know Rock! Great job with (printing) the 1st batch of docs and (printing my wide format) display (boards) which gave rise to the need for the 2nd set (or printing) going to The 2nd Level.


John R.
Durango Geophysical Operations
Durango, Colorado
Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

John flew his own jet into the Rogers Airport and needed immediate printing services for his project and he found us! We were glad he did...he ROCKED and was FUN to work with! And from what he says above...he'll be back!

Jerry & Angie V.
Making Memories Tours

"You all are AWESOME !!!!!!! Thanks for the speed (on our print jobs!)"

Making Memories Tours started out in 2010 with the goal of providing motorcoach tours that offer interesting places to see and things to experience, along with feeling safe and comfortable as you take these new adventures, all the while receiving a great value too. Not to mention having a ball laughing, playing games, and making new friends along the way. They focus on supplying touring services to residents of NW Arkansas, SW Missouri and NE Oklahoma.


Kathi G.
BHS Alumni
Vice President

"Working with the design and print center has been a really good experience. Their creativity and dependability have helped the BHS Alumni Association reorganize and attract attention necessary for us to grow and support the high school more effectively. I especially like the short project times and affordability. Many thanks!"

The BHS Alumni Association, working under the Bentonville Public School Foundation, is a non-profit organization whose primary purposes are: To promote interest in Bentonville High School activities To promote excellence in education To promote the participation of alumni in the school’s affairs and activities To preserve the history, ideals, and traditions of the school To foster fellowship and camaraderie among alumni


Morgan H.
Main Street Siloam Springs

"Fast, friendly, professional, informative, and the end product was perfect!"

Main Street Siloam Springs is a non-profit organization that leads a community effort to preserve and revitalize the beautiful historic downtown of Siloam Springs, Arkansas.


Melissa R.
Baby Cargo

"Efficient and quick staff. Did exactly what we needed. And knew who we were when a matter came up a few days later."

Baby Cargo is a new line of modern baby gear inspired by iconic architecture, chic fashion and fresh interior design. They offer conscientious parents the most user friendly, premium line of strollers, stroller accessories, play spaces and space saver high chairs to live comfortably and safely and stylishly in the modern home--all at an affordable price. Baby Cargo supports the Bentonville, Arkansas based Walmart Stores and SAM's Club home offices.


Mark H.

"Even when I don't need something printed for a week or so you usually have it done the next day. You guys are very speedy."

It started in 1946, when Truett Cathy opened his first restaurant, Dwarf Grill, in Hapeville, Georgia. Credited with inventing Chick-fil-A's boneless breast of chicken sandwich, Mr. Cathy founded Chick-fil-A, Inc. in the early 1960s and pioneered the establishment of restaurants in shopping malls with the opening of the first Chick-fil-A Restaurant at a mall in suburban Atlanta in 1967. Since then, Chick-fil-A has steadily grown to become the second largest quick-service chicken restaurant chain in the United States, with over 1,700 locations in 39 states and Washington, D.C. In 2012, annual sales were over $4.6 billion. Chick-fil-A is still privately held and family owned.


Tony R.
National Account Manager

"Quick turn around and friendly service."

Established in 1991, on a sportsman passion for the outdoors, Mahco Products thrives on providing superior products to accompany you on your outdoor adventures. They love the outdoors and are driven each day to combine their passion and experience to deliver quality and value to the industry. Based in Bentonville, Arkansas, Mahco Outdoors supports the Walmart and SAM's Club Home Offices in NW Arkansas.


Joe L.
BP Lubricants

"Quality of service and product are excellent!"

BP Lubricants is a leading lubricants business - committed to technology that stimulates innovation while helping to protect the environment. BP Lubricants has offices in Bentonville, Arkansas supporting the Walmart Stores and Sam's Club stores in Northwest Arkansas.


Gina W.

"Friendly and convenient."

Starbucks coffeehouses have become a beacon for coffee lovers everywhere. Why do they insist on Starbucks? Because they know they can count on genuine service, an inviting atmosphere and a superb cup of expertly roasted and richly brewed coffee every time. Starbucks has locations all over Northwest Arkansas.


Josh B.
Blue Ocean Innovative Solutions
Vice President

"We use Bentonville PrintCenter for all of our business needs. We know that when we give them a project to do, that the results are going to be above standard. We are in Bentonville PrintCenter several times a week and I usually deal with Mark who is very accommodating and gets things turned around very quickly for me. If you are not currently using Bentonville PrintCenter for your printing needs, then you are not going to the right place. Thanks Bentonville PrintCenter for everything you do for our office."

The team at Blue Ocean has over a century of combined retail experience. Their clients have access to the most effective marketing & merchandising strategies in the industry. They've forged strong relationships with manufacturers around the world and make them available to you. Blue Ocean Innovative Solutions has a Bentonville office in NW Arkansas supporting the Walmart Stores and SAM’s Club Home Office.


David N.
Mojo Cycles

"Friendly & knowledgeable service.
You guys are great. I go no other place."

"A Different Kind of Bike Shop" Mojo sells top notch bike brands, such as GT Bikes, KHS Bikes, Felt Bikes, & frame specific brands such as Transition & Canfield Brothers. They specialize in service, which you will find, beats any other bike shop in the area. They'll work on any bikes. You name it they do it! They'd love to see you stop by their store in Bentonville, Arkansas.


George D.

"Dennis was very professional and engaging at the start and I felt comfortable that my job would be addressed correctly. This was my first experience at Bentonville PrintCenter and it was very positive. I would recommend Bentonville PrintCenter to anyone needing its services."

For five years, IBMers have been working with companies, cities and communities around the world to build a Smarter Planet. They've seen enormous advances, as leaders are using an explosion of data to transform their enterprises and institutions through analytics, mobile technology, social business and the cloud. IBM has offices in Bentonville, Northwest Arkansas supporting the Walmart Stores and Sam's Club Home Offices.


Barrett P.
University Games

"I love the services and the early morning hours. Personnel are cheerful, incredibly helpful and very efficient."

Founded on April 1st, 1985, we have developed and manufactured over 200 games in the past 28 years. University Games was founded by Bob Moog and Cris Lehman. Bob and Cris always loved playing games with their families, and grew up thinking that fun and learning were a part of everyday life. As adults, they recognized a developing niche in social interaction and learning games for adults and children, and that is how University Games began. University Games supports the efforts of Bentonville based Walmart Stores.


Capt. John H.
Bentonville Police Department

"I love working with Bentonville PrintCenter. It's easy to order my reprint documents with a very quick turn around. Same with new projects. Most of all, I usually don't even need to leave the office due to Bentonville PrintCenter's very efficient web (Online PrintCenter) service."

The Bentonville Police Department was established on May 9th, 1916 as the “Office of Watch.” Today, the City of Bentonville Police Department watches over a community of more than 40,000 residents and provides services that include School Resource Officers, a Bike Team, SWAT Team, Negotiations Team, Bomb Squad, K9 Team, Computer Forensics, Narcotics Unit, 9-1-1 Dispatch Center, and Animal Control.


Rita S.
Arrow Plastic

"The reliability - I trust them to get my packages delivered before noon as they promise."

ARROW PLASTIC Manufacturing Company – an AMERICAN company located in Illinois was founded in 1961. They are proud to offer high-quality, durable consumer products at an extraordinary value. They are market leaders in innovation and we continually assess the needs of our customers. Arrow Plastic supports the sales efforts of Bentonville based Walmart Stores Home Office.


Noami G.
Verla International

"We needed various projects done for a huge presentation with only a 3-hour window. Not only was the ease of downloading the artwork, the ease of dealing with a Bentonville PrintCenter Service Representative, but the time line was met. The service was excellent, and the quality of the printing was excellent, and our Presentation went outstandingly. We appreciate all the help of all the service representatives, the printing specialists, and the excellent quality we received. Thank you Bentonville Vendor PrintCenter!"

At Verla International, Ltd., they have the experience and resources to turn your ideas into profits. Whether your cosmetics are part of your established product line, or a new addition, they will guide you through the development, manufacturing, and distribution process. Their Research and Development Laboratory, Color and Trend Analysis, Designers, Distribution Specialists are ready to service your needs. Verla International supports the sales of the Walmart and SAM’s Club Home office here in Bentonville, Arkansas.


Christopher P.
Tara Toy

"Bentonville PrintCenter once again provided excellent quality on a tight schedule. I would recommend Bentonville PrintCenter to any one. Thanks!"

Tara Toy is known as a leader in the toy & activities category and a manufacturer of high quality, entertaining products that stimulate children’s imaginations. Tara Toy has offices in Bentonville, Arkansas, supporting the Walmart Stores and SAM’s Club Home office.

Peter C.
International Vitamin Company, Inc.
National Account Manager

"It's all about customer service. The Bentonville PrintCenter gets it...100% of the time."

International Vitamin Company, Inc has an office that supports the sales of the Walmart and SAM’s Club Home office here in Bentonville, Arkansas. With more than 55 years of experience as an industry-leading supplier, IVC, Inc. is more focused than ever and are ready to be your preferred supplier for vitamins and related health products. IVC supports the sales efforts of Bentonville based Walmart Stores.


Cyndee C.
Mitchell Communications Group

"Turned my (print) projects around on time and did a great job."

Mitchell Communications Group is an award-winning strategic communications firm, working on a national and global scale with some of the world's largest companies and best-known brands, with offices in NW Arkansas.


Amy B.
Northwest Arkansas Community College

"Outstanding does not even begin to describe how exceptional my experience was working with the Bentonville PrintCenter. Your team went above and beyond in their service. I knew where my project was every step of the printing process, Chuck R. graciously answered all of my questions and gave almost immediate feedback on proofs. Then, as if that wasn't enough, my project was printed a full week ahead of schedule. I am blown away with the print quality as well as the quality of service from Bentonville PrintCenter. Thank you!"

NWACC was founded by voters in the Bentonville and Rogers Public School Districts on August 15, 1989, when they passed a 3-mill property tax to support the new institution. Since its beginning as “the college without walls,” NWACC has been one of the fastest growing higher education institutions in the state. It thrives today as a college that truly cares about the students, faculty, and staff and the community we serve. NWACC's credit enrollment is about 8,300 students with another 6,000 students taking non-credit or personal enrichment courses, and we offer both day and evening classes at the Bentonville campus and in learning centers throughout Benton and Washington counties.


Toni G.
Inward Strategic Consulting

"Bentonville PrintCenter is awesome to work with! I have used them for various personal projects and our company has used them for a few quick turn projects. Always very efficient, professional and competitively priced. Highly recommend them."

Founded by Allan Steinmetz, an experienced leader in the marketing management and consulting fields, Inward Strategic Consulting has been bridging the gap between strategic consulting firms and advertising agencies like no other since 1998. Fueled by employees from a variety of diverse industries with well over 100 years of consulting experience, their thought leaders have worked with all types of clients across the globe – manufacturers, retailers, educators and innovators as well as professional service firms and those specializing in healthcare, hospitality and high-tech. From creating actionable marketing to change management and communication programs, they help clients like you discover all that’s possible. Inward Consulting has offices in Bentonville, Arkansas.


Dorothy H.
Bohler Engineering

"The Bentonville PrintCenter is, without doubt, the most organized, detailed, and intelligent service I have ever used. They know their business, are realistic and you know that once they are working on a job you don't have to stress. The email updates on the status of our (print) job is awesome. Thank you!"

The idea is simple: we partner with our clients, listen to their needs and use our technical expertise to go above and beyond to accomplish their development goals. With an emphasis on quality and efficiency, They deliver results, while ensuring a fun and collaborative process for our clients and team. Bohler Engineering supports the Walmart and SAM’s Club home offices in Bentonville, Arkansas.


Ben L.
E. Gluck Corporation

"You completed a rush job that I needed in 6 hours in an hour - flawlessly. I will continue to use you for all my printing needs. You have earned my trust and business. Thank you!!!"

E. Gluck Corporation (EGC) has been a leader in the watch industry for over 50 years. With headquarters in New York, EGC has built a strong international production and distribution network. EGC’s manufacturing experience and global capabilities provide the company with the ability to react efficiently to a fluid marketplace. The depth of the company’s expertise in the watch industry is demonstrated through the wide range of product it brings to market both through its licensed brands and its proprietary brands, Armitron® and Sprout®. E. Gluck has offices in Bentonville, Arkansas supporting the Walmart Stores Home Office.


Greg R.
Sun Products Corporation

"Friendly. Good service. Good results."

Headquartered in Wilton, Connecticut, Sun Products is a leading North American provider of laundry detergent, fabric softeners, dish care and other household products, with annual net sales of $2 billion. Sun Products was formed in September 2008 from the combination of Unilever’s North American fabric care business and Huish Detergents, Inc., a leading manufacturer of retailer brand laundry and dish products. Sun Products has offices in Bentonville, Arkansas to support Walmart Stores and Sam's Club Home Offices.


Jennifer L.
Newell Rubbermaid

"Professional, timely, last-minute requests handles efficiently and with superior results."

Today, more than 100 years since its founding, Newell Rubbermaid has grown to become a global marketer of consumer and commercial products with a portfolio of "brands that matter." The enduring strength of the company has been its ability to keep reinventing itself. Newell Rubbermaid has an office in Bentonville and supports the Walmart Stores and SAM’s Club home offices in Bentonville, Arkansas.


Rick S.

"Your professionalism and quick turnaround...you guys have never let us down!"

Todson has offices in Northwest Arkansas supporting the Walmart Stores and Sam's Club home offices in Bentonville. For more than 60 years Todson has been a fixture of the bicycling industry in the United States. Representing some of the world's most storied cycling brands over the decades, Todson has built an unrivaled level of expertise in the cycling and sporting goods industry.


Tammy H.
Northwest Arkansas Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

"I love the fast service and the fact that you are willing to help non-profits in our area by giving them the free posters. Your giving back to the community and that's the most important thing a business can do for their neighbors. You all ROCK. I have already recommended you to several people who do a lot of printing. Thanks again. Tammy Hahn"

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit grass roots organization with over 200 field sites nationwide, including one in NW Arkansas. MADD is not a crusade against alcohol consumption. MADD's mission is to stop drunk driving, support the victims of this violent crime and to prevent underage drinking.


Randy W.
Harvest Data Corp.

"Bentonville PrintCenter provides very personal attention to fulfilling any needs I have. Whether it’s printing, mail or shipping, the staff is always exceptionally friendly and responsive to all the details I need. It’s been a great experience working with Bentonville PrintCenter and having them as long term partners in my company’s success."

Their flagship software package for downloading Retail Link files started selling in 2005, and with our first customer being PepsiCo we continue to provide the best software solutions, not only to the Walmart vendor community, but a variety of industries. Harvest Data Corp supports vendors/suppliers worldwide from its HQ in Bentonville, NW Arkansas.


George J.
Navarre Speed + Commerce

"Everyone is eager to help. Bentonville PrintCenter is fast and professional. I can print myself or they will do it for me. Whichever is I prefer and I am always in and out quickly."

Speed Commerce (NASDAQ: SPDC) is a publicly traded, vertically integrated, multi-channel platform of e-commerce services and distribution solutions for retailers and manufacturers. Speed Commerce was the result of a merger between Navarre Corporation and SpeedFC, Inc. in November 2012. Navarre was founded in 1983 and is the largest distributor of software and consumer electronic accessories in North America. Navarre has offices in Bentonville, Arkansas supporting the Walmart Stores and Walmart Sam's Club offices.


Linda H.
Articulate Solutions

"Bentonville PrintCenter saved us when (they discovered) we had overlooked printing documents for a tradeshow. They were so friendly on the phone, and arranged to drop off (my printing) at the hotel for our client. I knew I was in good hands!"

Articulate Solutions is an established creative agency located in Silicon Valley, California. They help you build your business through cohesive branding and identity design, cutting edge website development, social media marketing, and search engine optimization. Articulate Solutions supports the sales of the Walmart Stores and SAM’s Club home offices in Bentonville, Arkansas.


Cody C.
Taylor Farms

"The fact that I can go in (to the Bentonville PrintCenter) and print out anything I need that looks absolutely perfect every time. High quality for the money. Oh, and the people are not too bad either! ^_^ Keep it up!!"

They have partnered with the finest companies in North America to provide excellent quality salads and fresh cut vegetables for our loyal customers. They constantly innovate with new products and improve production methods to continue to earn our customers and consumers trust. Taylor Farms supports the sales of the Walmart Stores and SAM’s Club home offices in Bentonville, Arkansas.


Mike R.
Arden Squire Custom Homes, Inc

"Dennis and his team have created very professional signs, brochures and business cards for us, and we are always pleased with their work.
The Bentonville PrintCenter Team has been instrumental in helping us get our Residential Construction business off the ground here in NW Arkansas."

Mike is very busy in NW Arkansas and the Bentonville area building fine custom homes. With hundreds of homes and commercial builds under his belt, Mike is ranked in the top 10% of all custom builder/contractors in NW Arkansas.


Eve L.
3292 Brands
Vice President

"To Dennis and the entire (Bentonville PrintCenter) team: Thank you for your consistently amazing service to get my projects completed beautifully. The Bentonville PrintCenter team always over delivers, and often goes that extra mile for our team.

Best regards, Eve"

3292 Brands is a brand management, entertainment and licensing company focusing on brands that resonate with the heartland and fly over states. Our fan base is comprised of average joe’s, rednecks, blue collar, God fearing, family focused, nature loving and good natured folks who believe in this country and all that is beautiful in it. 3292 Brands is a vendor and supplier to Walmart Stores.


Tessa C.
Jack T. Carter Company

"Always timely, extrememly capable & proficient, exceptional customer service."

The Jack T. Carter Company is a full-line distributor of air filtration products and HVAC solutions designed to meet the unique demands of commercial, industrial and institutional clients. They also offer a complete line of industrial filters for liquid, dust and equipment applications. Founded in 1970 by our namesake Jack T. Carter, the company has earned a reputation as an expert problem solver and a reliable business partner. Today, under the leadership of President Tessa D. Carter, they are proudly certified as a woman-owned business through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, with National HQ in Rogers, Arkansas.


Erika O.
Animal Adventure

"Very reliable, Kirby always knows exactly how to handle our products and delivers them on time."

At Animal Adventure they’re simply wild for style. They create high-quality, original plush toys that parents trust to be a child’s first best friend — and they make kids around the world smile. They also believe passionately that smart design and good taste don’t have to cost more — period! Their plush toys are both fashionably hip and timelessly classic, and always the right price for your retail market.


Dick D.
General Worlds of Hong Kong

"Dear Bentonville PrintCenter team, When my dear friend Jerry S. from Mastercraft recommended you, I felt confident that his recommendation would bring me to new excellence from my requests. However over this year the last minute projects with the strong demands that are placed on you from myself and through my customer have exceeded all expectations. I thank you and your team for all your hard work and I look forward to a long lasting partnership.

Thank you all, Dick"

General Worlds is a Hong Kong manufacturer of Ready to Assemble furniture for homes, college dorm rooms and offices. They support the sales efforts of Walmart Stores in their Bentonville home office.

Barbara B.
Novation Creative

"I like their attitude. I always have hot projects with quick turnaround times. They listen, make sure they have all the necessary information, and then without hesitation ... tell me it will be ready the same day. They realize the only constant in business today is change. They accommodate with great service, expertise, and a smile."

Novation Creative, based in Bentonville, supports the sales efforts of Walmart Stores' home office.

Bella D.
DeBacco Plumbing

"DeBacco Plumbing has been using Bentonville PrintCenter for 7 years for all our business needs. The staff is friendly and their knowledgeable service has been keeping us coming back. Stop in a see for yourselves!!
Happy customer :)"

Local Plumbing Company in Bentonville, Bella Vista, and Rogers.

Jim B.
JRB Consultants

"Dennis: The quality of both Products and Services provided by Bentonville PrintCenter have always exceeded my expectations. Promptness and delivering orders on time has never been a problem. I will continue to use Bentonville PrintCenter for all my Printing needs."

JRB Consultants has been involved working for Mr. Sam directly and employed by Walmart Stores for dozens of years. Now an independent consulting company, they support the marketing and product needs of hundreds of vendors around the world and many here in NW Arkansas.

Mike M.
3M Consulting

"Very friendly employees who greet you with a smile. The employees take care of your needs and you leave as a customer feeling that you were given the best service possible."